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The purpose and goal of this website are to provide a more interactive and comprehensive focus on global equity markets as well as provide general opinion pieces and an overall synopsis on the domestic & international markets, with some key information.

Additionally, and most notably I will also be providing updates on the performance of our advice within the markets.

With two months already into the New Year, I’d like to start with some vital aspects for the next 12 months. Those that have exposure within the asset class of Equities, understand that they want their capital to work for them & over time with the right strategy, philosophy and active focus your financial goals can be met. So here are some simple yet effective steps to at least create a foundation to work from seeing as though it is the beginning of the year.

  • 1. Work out your short/long term financial goals and assess your current portfolio (exposure within the share market)
  • 2. What strategy do you have in place and (be truthful) how much time do you spend assessing, researching, analysing and committing to your portfolio?
  • 3. Are you an Active or Passive Investor? Whatever your response, how does your Portfolio perform in any market condition, meaning are you proactive or reactive?


Whatever your outcome from the above may be, one point stands out – it is all about pricing and timing.

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