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BlackPearl Masters Fund – Why an Alternative Investment is a must

 July 2017 : Recently we presented a detailed webinar, focusing on the strategies and performance of the BlackPearl Masters Fund -providing a deeper understanding of the strategies within the fund and the reason behind it’s consistent performance.

The key characteristics of the fund are :

·         A multi strategy fund that invests in Australia’s best hedge fund managers

·         Our investment and trading strategies are very difficult and in some cases impossible to replicate by the majority of investors.

·         We employ diverse strategies that have the potential to perform in both rising and falling market conditions

·         Our Fund seeks to generate more consistent returns with lower volatility

·         We reduce risk by implementing numerous different strategies in the portfolio

·         Pure diversification – the fund aims to diversify among many various strategies that generate returns under different market conditions

If you missed out on the webinar I have attached the link below.