Alek Trpkoski | Investor Report
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Investor Report

The Investor Report is an independent monthly research report that aims to find one unique investment opportunity in the Australian equity market on a monthly basis. We try our very best to provide our subscribers quality rather than quantity content that can directly help to improve their investing bottom line. We hope that at least one of our investment recommendation will significantly add to your investment returns and repay the subscription fee multiple times. We will email you one investment idea per month. However as we don’t want to make investment recommendations just for the sake of it and we believe the timing of the investment is also relevant, hence the recommendation may be made anytime between the start and end of the month.


  • Monthly recommendations blending both fundamental and technical analysis to uncover value opportunities within the ASX200.
  • A Concise & focused report detailing qualitative and quantitative factors around our recommendation.
  • Guide provided for potential buy/target price + potential upside based on our in-house analysis)
  • Ability to use the Investor Report as a Learning Tool (Developing your skill set & knowledge within the markets)
  • Should we see a fundamental negative affect in a particular position, a “sell” recommendation will be issued (managing risk)


In addition to the monthly recommendation, the Subscription to the Report also includes:

  • Access to model portfolios: Access to our model portfolio if you are considering establishing / BlackPearl managing your existing portfolio
  • Access to Special Reports / IPOs : Access to potential IPOs
  • Analyst Q & As: Access to myself / advisors should there be any questions relating to the markets in general
  • Updates & Newsletters: From time to time general information relating to the markets
  • Webinars: Webinars when they are announced.