Alek Trpkoski | BlackPearl Masters Fund
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BlackPearl Masters Fund (Fund of Hedge Fund)

A unique Fund of Hedge Fund that utilises numerous strategies run by the best hedge fund managers in the country targeting consistent positive returns irrespective whether the market is going up, down or sideways.

The Funds focus is on capital preservation and growth with its low-risk correlation to the market.

Key Points

  • Multi-Strategy fund with low correlation to the equity market
  • Proven performance & track record (please enquire regarding
  • Diversification across securities, geographies but most importantly numerous strategies
  • Over 700+ positions both Domestically & Internationally at any given time
  • Access a portfolio that is normally only accessible by the ultra-wealthy
  • Managed by the “Best of the Best” Hedge Fund managers
  • Funds are held in Trust by Sanlam Private wealth (
    They are a multinational financial services company.


Main characteristics of the fund:

  • A multi strategy fund that invests in Australia’s best hedge fund managers
  • Unique Approach. Our investment and trading strategies are very difficult and in some
    cases impossible to replicate by the majority of investors.
  • We employ diverse strategies that have the potential to perform in both rising and
    falling market conditions
  • Our Fund seeks to generate more consistent returns with lower volatility
  • We reduce risk by implementing numerous different strategies in the portfolio
  • Pure diversification – the fund aims to diversify among many various strategies that
    generate returns under different market conditions
  • No lock in period like many other Funds