AST Fortis

AST Fortis, based in Sydney Australia, is a globally focused boutique investment management company whose key mandate is to strategically assess, uncover, and connect those seeking unique alternative investment opportunities within the private market.

Having foresight into global trends early in the investment process provides an ideal long term advantage. Being able to position yourself as a market leader when it comes to these specific industry opportunities requires the right team and support.

Through a dynamic and experienced team, AST Fortis helps bridge the gap by finding synergies as well as building and forging long term relationships for private Investors, UHNW’s, Family Offices and Governments that seek to find the edge in the investment world.

This includes:

  • Early Stage Unique Investment Opportunities
  • Capital Raising
  • Company buyouts
  • Deal Introduction and Negotiation

To set yourself apart one must be willing to look beyond whats impossible and make it a reality. This is AST Fortis.