Advisory Services

A Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) is a professionally constructed and managed portfolio of local and international shares, derivatives and cash. The customer or self-managed super fund has their own individual account and therefore is the beneficial owner of the underlying securities. This means the client directly receives the dividends and franking credits from the underlying shares.

The client’s individual account is professionally managed using value-driven global investment strategies. The client has 24-hour reporting access to their account and can add or withdraw funds at any time. It is important to understand that we cannot withdraw funds from the account but rather only have the authority to direct investments within the account.

Our strategy/philosophy focuses on mispriced investment opportunities that can be found by analysing company fundamentals and special situations such as spin-offs, placements, rights issues dividend payments and other corporate actions. The strategy aims to capture returns by trading both long and short in securities experiencing these corporate events. The strategy also invests in fundamentally under/overvalued securities based on quantitative and qualitative factors.

To select securities we seek to identify companies that are under or overvalued based on one or more, but not limited to, following characteristics:

  • Price to Free Cash Flow
  • Price to Earnings
  • Enterprise Value to EBIT
  • Enterprise Value to EBITDA
  • Price to Sales
  • Price to Book
  • Expected Earnings Growth/Decline
  • Price to Sales & Expected Revenue Growth/Decline
  • Special Situations such as spin-offs, restructures, recapitalizations, mergers and turnarounds
  • In the process of doing one of the following; reducing costs, raising prices, expanding in new markets, selling more of its product in the old market, selling new products


  • Security of having your stock and cash held with a major platform (safe and secure)
  • Ability to access your account (flexibility & transparency)
  • Able to execute Stop losses, profit targets, on stop orders as part of the Advisory, hence we cover all risk angles
  • Access to lucrative and exclusive IPOs, placements and other capital raisings (as discussed)
  • We invest time & comprehensively look at opportunities that are miss-priced or undervalued. (we are consistent in our approach and returns)