Alek Trpkoski | About
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Accomplished, experienced and innovative with over 23 years’ experience, specializing in the Equities Market and with the ability to produce consistent results. A trusted advisor that is focused and performance driven as well as a respected leader with an extensive network driven by honesty, integrity and accountability

My investment philosophy is based on finding deeply undervalued and miss-priced Investment opportunities that have been overlooked by the greater investment community. I look at providing unique Investment ideas that differ from the status quo, aiming to adapt to existing market conditions, but with the flexibility to meet required short and long term objectives.

I also seek to uncover opportunities that are primarily gaps within the greater financial community.

All in all,I am driven to perform and motivated by results.


Diploma of Financial Planning (RG146)

Member of the StockBrokers & Financial Advisors Association

23 Years Banking & Financial Markets Experience

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